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I see the price listed here on Itch, but I don't see where or how to buy the full version, only a button to download the demo...

Do I have to go to Steam for the paid/full version? If so, why is the price of the full version shown all the links to this demo within Itch?

currently waiting for the game to download!! :D
i watched Ranboo play this a bit of ago, and I have now decided to get it myself

Holy this was amazing to play! Silly me didn't realize I had already wishlisted this on Steam so I fully intend to get the full game and play it. But seriously awesome job Devs!

I think I am close to the end :) This is such a beautiful , crazy  game! 

you kinda just set a new bar for visual novel horror, like hot damn lol thank you!

Full Play 5 Endings NO Commentary

This is by far the best visual novel I have played! Before I played this, Roomah Gaming had some of the best VN to play, now I am glad I discovered Black Tabby Games:

Damn, 12 slayen princess of 10

waiit is this a demo or the whole game?

Demo for what seems to be the re-titled “Pristine Cut”.


Android port when?


I have a question will it be free some day

Game starts at 1:38:37

I had a lot of fun with this game. Loved how short the tag line was and all the swirling theories in who was to be believed. So many different combinations and options to choose. Also the artwork was amazing as well. Great job. 

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Absolutely exceptional. I am so, so in love with this game!! It's funny, it's existential, the writing is beautiful and every ending is uniquely rewarding. It's got characters you'll never forget and some of the best horror, romance, comedy, art and VA work I've seen in a long time. <333


Everyone reading this please buy the game immediately you will not regret it! 

Such a great little game! Really enjoyed the experience and super excited to explore all the narrative directions available. 

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What's macOS minimum requirement? (macOS version and hardware)

On my macOS 10.12 Sierra the app doesn't start: on launch the OS asks for security confirmation, but then nothing happens and no error messages. Odd.

Maybe it has to do with the graphic card? (my Mac Mini 2014 has just an integrated Intel Iris Graphics).

(I downloaded the "STP Demo Director's Cut", but even the Original Demo did the same)

Same issue here, but I have 10.13.16 High Sierra, 2017 model. Not sure why it's not opening? Only tried director's cut, though.

Honestly, this game gets better and better!

Link to my playlist of Slay The Princess:

Also, on another note this is good for people that don't really play visual novels. There's lots of battle scenes that makes it matter to make the choice that actually do count. The characters voices are very fun to listen to as well and you must listen to their warnings, or don't.

Best visual novel ever played. 10 out of 10. Played for two days straight and cannot get enough of the multiple stories. 

When I first played the demo when this first came out, I knew this game would be good. So right away I bought the game when it was released. This game was worth the wait, and it was worth the money. 


Loved the demo and love what I've played so far!

One of the best games I've ever played, the plot was amazing and the characters were all interesting to interact with. 10/10

Impressive plot and very rich content. I love the game, the art and voices. 

Still playing. 


Hey everyone! Unfortunately the final release of the game is too large to host on itch (it's around 12gb.) So if you want to pick it up, you'll have to do so elsewhere.

We've tried asking them to raise our file limits to allow us to sell the game here, but they weren't willing to do so. Maybe if there's enough interest in an itch version they'll reverse their decision, though!


Shoot. GOG it is then!

I love GOG as well so thank you for offering a DRM free version. Sorry to hear about the file limits, a tale as old as time it seems. Happens a lot here.

12, that's a lot of voice-acting. Well I'll find your game on another platform and thank you for your work.

I'd be pretty interrested in a Itchio-Version..

Thanks for posting this. I was just wondering why it wasn't available. I'd rather buy it here, but it seems like your hands are tied on that. Off to GOG, I guess. 

Thanks, got the game on GoG

so excited for this game hellLOOOO


I hate these kinds of games (read text, click next, repeat) but the voice overs ad so much I really enjoyed this.  I'm excited for it's full release!


if you don't like visual novels, don't play them..?



Smash, next question


I love the concept of this game & this just being a demo of what is to come is amazing. The art style is so good and the mystery of what is going on just makes me want to explore even more. I thoroughly look forward too seeing just how far you can take each route/princess and live to tell the tale.


This demo is amazing, I tried all routes and I find it hilarious that you're "Forced" to follow, my favorite route so far is the witch one though or maybe the prisoner route. 


it starts of like the narrator is cruel and then,boom


I sincerely hope that 90% of "princesses" can be romanced in the final version. It would be such a waste if not.


man you are crazy! jeez bro, that's kinda silly.

What's silly about it? One of the routes is clearly "romantic". I'm just counting on the possibility of something similar in other routes, and not exclusively kill/be killed - do you feel me?

Nah you're totally cool! I agree with you, too. Their definitely could be some serious shenanigans going on in the full release. Stay  cool 👍


i can fix her


You can "fix" her?? I can accept her as she is the destruction of the planet? That is funny and a quirk of hers


can't i just shoot her with a shotgun 


you haven't shotgun (' ^')


Had To Make A Second Video I Just Couldnt Stay Away From The demo !!!

I was Completely Shocked How quickly I became obsessed with this game Truly a Incredible experience Voice acting work is beautiful!!  Reminds Me of a darker Stanly parable which is another game i keep close to my heart . Truly excited for the full Release !! keep Up the amazing Work !

This game is incredible! I do kinda hope that the Beast route gets reworked into more of its own niche, like maybe one with a more bestial inner voice and a more hiding or trapping princess I dunno, but I'm definitely pumped for the eventual release!


im confused in the state of the game i saw that manlybadass hero had made a video of the game here he got 11 ending I didn't watch it because it looked good and I wanted to play it so I came here to get the game directly  I don't mind spending 15$ and taking a risk to vsee if the game is good but I see that the game is still in development without any spoilers can somebody tell me what's happening?


it's still in development. manly played the most recent demo, which you can download here for free!

there's only one real "ending" in the demo, though there's also 10 separate routes you can start, which all end on a cliffhangers that will be fully explored in the paid release.

Fantastic update! Adored this demo when I played it months ago and this update just got me so much more excited for the full release.
Every choice really feels like it makes a difference (unless the narrator deems otherwise...) 

Very much looking forward to finding out more about this world and where we'll end up in Chapter 3 and beyond.
Thank you for such a generous demo, it has so much replayability and I already want to get back into it to discover the endings I haven't seen yet. 


Pls on Android 😪

Average Nexus / MOD.IO Blade and Sorcery Nomad player:

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